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Feb 12, 2013 6:00pm EST
of us. there it is. it's all the form of rain right now. and it's headed generally in our direction. the issue becomes what is the temperature going to be like tomorrow night. it looks like it's going to be cold enough for us to get some wet snow in the region. with a look at that and what that means for the east, we have bernadette woods in the outback. bernadette? >> that's right. going into this storm, the ground is warm. we're going up to 40 degrees tomorrow. and this is going to come in the form of rain. but as we head through the afternoon and evening hours, it's going to change over to snow. now, when the sun sets, it's our chance at a sloppy accumulation around here. and this is what we're thinking, as far as accumulation goes. for most of the metro area, this is about a coating to maybe an inch. it's those extreme northern tier counties, we could see 1 to maybe upwards of 3 inches of snow. again, this is going to be a quick mover, coming through tomorrow night. getting out of here thursday morning. but it could cause a small accumul
Feb 26, 2013 6:00pm EST
was originally from roanoke, virginia. her mother, a retired judge. used to see crime from the -- the other side. diane strickland heard all of the evidence from the 2007 school massacre n. a statement, the stricklands say their beautiful daughter was murdered. and they appreciate the thoughts and prayers. meanwhile, police are not reporting any leads. >> the bodies were burned pretty badly. and our arson unit is continuing to work with the fire department's fire investigation bureau. >> reporter: but wjz has learned police are looking into the background of each victim, hoping it helps lead them to a motive. >> and a neighbor tells me that police were out there, questioning some people that live in nicole's neighborhood. adding to this mystery, it appears appears that neither of the victims has anything serious on their criminal record. reporting live at city police headquarters tonight, adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> adam, thank you. >>> if you have any information, please call city police. >>> well, right now, baltimore city police are looking fo
Feb 11, 2013 6:00pm EST
are updating the temperatures for us. >> our normal high is in the 40s. take a look at the numbers they just jumped one degrees, 53 in oakland. but they had sun. 50 in pax river, ocean city at 54. temperatures right now running 14 degrees warmer than yesterday. 20degrees warmer in cumberland and 23 degrees warmer in patuxin. tomorrow will be cooler but we'll see a lot of sunshine on tap on your tuesday. so how have we done rain wise? >> we're going to bring you up to date on our numbers. for the season we're at 4.6 inches. last season for the entire season, we only received 1.8- inches of snow. the average around baltimore is 20.1-inches and most of us will never forget the record season just three years ago of 77- inches. whether you liked that season or didn't like it. we are way below even our average but we do have two chances for snow coming this week. we'll have that forecast coming up. back inside. >> keep them small. please. >>> mayor stephanie blake proposes some big changes in her state of the state address. the mayor hazarded the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3